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Stained, chipped or worn teeth? We offer veneers

Dental Implants

The gold standard in tooth replacement


We Treat the Tooth and Save the Smile

Composite Fillings

The Invisible Way to Replace Metal Fillings


Dental crowns and bridges can add years to your smile


Brighten your smile, boost your confidence


The Clear Alternative to Braces


You only get one set of teeth, so take care of them with us


- Rosalba N.

Barclay family dental is hands down the best! Not only are they knowledgeable, but very gentle with cleanings as well. I even sent my friends and family over to them. Thanks for a wonderful cleaning !!

The staff was very helpful and friendly. I had been struggling to find a new dentist and stumbled upon this location and based on the good reviews decided to give them a shot. They did not disappoint!

- Samiyah R.

I have to share that Dr. Meri is the best. His precision and techniques are awesome. I have been going there for many years and he’s helped me sustain my dental health all along. Strangely feeling at ease going to the office knowing I am care for with positive results. I will put my trust in him and his office forever.

- Renee S.

Experience is always great. Dr. Meri is very professional and personable. I had a cavity filled in without drilling or numbing using a laser machine to remove any decay and it was much better than the usual cavity experience.

- Jacob L.

I took my 3 1/2 year old daughter to Dr Meri to have her fillings done . We were so relieved when we found out there would be no shots and no drilling . Her fillings were done by laser treatment . She did not feel a thing and everything was done very quickly . His staff is absolutely amazing there . I highly recommend Barclay dental.

- Ashley H.

Absolutely amazing! Very nice and friendly from the moment I walked in to the moment I was checking out I received the best service.

- Lisa R.

5 out of 5? NO 10 out of 10!!! This dentist is AMAZING!! If you are looking for a dentist look no further! He’s knowledgeable, honest and funny. We all know children (and adults) fear the dentist but he’s so professionally funny warm and welcoming my child always asks when is my next appointment!? She cannot wait to see Dr Meri! His whole staff knows how to make you feel right at home.

- Lindon G.


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